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CODIVAL, the leader in secure cash flow management, has been operating on the market since 1975. Our acquired expertise allows us to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and to offer quality services to our customers.

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CODIVAL is the leader in Côte d’Ivoire for Cash-in-transit,
cash processing and ATM Management.


We offer both classic and alternative Cash-in-Transit services to safely transport your valuables, in whatever form they may be, throughout the national territory.

Cash Processing

We’ve set up cash processing centers equipped with the latest in electronic monitoring tools and respecting all security standards, which enables these centers to process all of the sums entrusted to them in accordance with the standards of the BCEAO.

ATM Management

In order to optimize ATM services for bank and telephone company customers, we offer complete management packages to ensure that your ATMs stay stocked and well maintained.

Electronic Security & Fire Safety

We have expanded our service offerings to include electronic security and fire safety. Thus, we offer the physical equipment, installation and maintenance of the latest generation of high-performing security systems.


The smart safe is a Programmable logic controller (PLC) with functions that offer fully-complete solutions. It allows us, among other things, to safely store our customers’ funds and allow for traceability of cash deposits. It gives access via the internet to a detailed reporting of deposits made.

The Codival Network
Member of an international network

CODIVAL, is a subsidiary of the SAGAM International Group, which is the leader in West Africa for all security-related activities: Cash-in-Transit services, Cash processing, ATM Management, Electronic Security and Fire safety.

SAGAM International

Address: 52, boulevard Martin Luther
King, Corniche Ouest, Dakar

Tel: +221 33 865 14 14
Fax: +221 33 865 19 84


Address: Abidjan, Rue de canal, Zone 4 C
15 BP 503 Abidjan 15

Tel: +225 21 75 70 60
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Address: Abidjan, Rue Pointe aux
Fumeurs, Vridi Zone
15 BP 1079 Abidjan 15

Tel: +225 21 75 40 40
Fax: +225 21 27 10 17