The "shining star" of CODIVAL's services, it is indeed the main and most well-known of its services.

Armed Cash-in-Transit Agents, armored vehicles in line with international standards and equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology in terms of traceability, we safely transit your valuables, in whatever form they may be, throughout the national territory.

Before starting any business relationship, we systematically carry out a security audit on the sites entrusted to us by our customers.

We also offer custodian services, i.e. the securing of assets in our safes in order for them to be delivered at a later date at the customer's request.


In response to the needs of some of our clients, we have developed the Alternative Cash-in-Transit service. .

It is an ideal product for those who handle smaller amounts of cash and who want a transport that combines deterrence, discretion, security and attractive pricing.

This type of cash-in-transit, based on the destruction of banknotes by staining them with permanent ink in the case of an assault, has already proved its value in several countries.

The suitcase, which contains the cash, is self-protected and computer-programmed. It is made up of high-tech equipment fully programmed and under permanent electronic control, and can only be opened once it has reached its planned destination.

The transport vehicles are unmarked and unarmoured.