Cash Processing


At the request of our Customers, we have set up cash processing centers equipped with the latest in electronic monitoring tools, and respecting all security standards, enabling them to process all of the sums entrusted to them in accordance with BCEAO standards.

These treatment centers allows us to offer our clients additional services:

  • The recognition and packaging of funds in line with BCEAO standards for commercial banks
  • Withdrawals from and deposits to the Central Bank on behalf of commercial banks
  • The collection and the contradictory recognition or deferred recognition of the bank customers’ funds under surveillance cameras at the CODIVAL cash processing centers
  • Withdrawals and deposits in commercial banks on behalf of various customers
  • Preparation of orders for banks
  • Demonetization and sorting of banknotes by country
  • The provision of the cashier

The various services provided at the sorting centers have several advantages:

  • Avoiding exposing the customer to possible assaults
  • Avoiding unnecessary storage of idle stock, thus leading to increased cash flow
  • Saving on insurance premiums
  • Putting experienced cashiers at the disposal of its customers
  • Carry out sorting operations for commercial banks, as well as deposits and withdrawals at the BCEAO.


We deliver envelopes to the customer containing the payroll of his staff, daily allowances or bonuses for seminars and conferences .

This eliminates any risk of assaults and claims.

From the withdrawal of the funds to monitoring provided during on-site payroll distribution, all the way through envelope stuffing, we cover all the security issues that need to be taken into account to ensure that the job is properly executed.