About Us


CODIVAL was created in 1975, on the initiative of local banks that wanted to secure the transportation of cash within their growing networks.

Formerly known as BRINK'S WEST AFRICA, CODIVAL is a subsidiary of the SAGAM International group, which is the leader for all activities related to the securing of cash: cash-in-transit, cash processing, ATM management, electronic security and fire safety.

This synergy of skills enables CODIVAL to benefit from the expertise, technical know-how, logistics and professionalism of the group which is represented in Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cameroon, and soon to be represented in Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco and Central Africa.

In Côte d'Ivoire, CODIVAL is the undisputed leader in the field of cash-in-transit, cash processing and ATM Management.

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  • All Banks
  • Industries
  • Distributors
  • Plantations
  • Car dealerships
  • Telephone Service Providers
  • Merchants
  • Mining Companies

As far as electronic security and fire safety, CODIVAL has installed and provides maintenance for the electronic security and fire safety systems of several companies: SGCI, ECOBANK Côte d’Ivoire, SIB, Orange, etc.


In order to reach the highest level of professionalism possible, we are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our services, all the while ensuring that we continue to respect our commitments, which are in line with the principles and values of the Group.

Respecting our commitments

Making sure we always keep our promises is important to us. That’s why we’re so keen on being more proactive than reactive in our efforts to reach our goals. This mindset leads to us to respect all of the commitments we take.


Staying in close and permanent contact with our customers allows us to adapt our services to their needs on a day-to-day basis. We listen to their desires and needs in order to offer them the best service possible.

Social policy

Special attention is paid to our employees, their expectations and their personal development through the implementation of a social policy that ensures that they will be well-positioned to carry-out their duties.

Team spirit

We don’t move as separate pieces on a chess board. We look for solutions together. We formulate grouped proposals and we know how to help one another in order to ensure that we can all move forward together as one big team.


Our services keep-up with the pace of new technology. To achieve this, we stay up-to-date on all new technological advances and research.


Our commitments serve as our moral compass.

This is why, for you, we commit to :

  • Keeping your trust
  • Provide help and assistance at all times
  • Guarantee the best quality of service
  • Adopt the best technologies and procedures
  • Strictly obey the law and ethical rules


  • More than 400 collaborators
  • 10 strong centers
  • A fleet of more than 60 Vehicles
  • More than 3.500 billion CFA Francs counted and prepared in our sorting centers per year
  • 182 ATMs under management
  • A special business insurance with a compulsory audit
  • 2.5 million Km travelled per year
  • 350 000 stops marked per year